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Herders Choice is All Natural Single ingredient treats and chews. 


In Mongolia, herders choose treats such as leftover parts including horn, tail, tendon, leg and hoofs of the current use of an animal for the dogs in order to avoid any of waste. However, Nowadays Mongolia has mass production for food industry as other countries. Although we are keeping our traditional free range herding lifestyle, great amount of people live in the cities. Their meat needs and waste are also excessively. So, it is too much for herder dogs. Thus, UMMP.LLC is producing Herders Choice to avoid animal part waste. 


Dogs have short gastrointestinal tracts, which are better suited for the consumption of meat and bones. It’s naturally absorbed, and provided vitamins and minerals to dogs. Our propose is not only to provide eco friendly and minimized waste production, it is giving a choice to have all natural, no preservatives or chemical binding agents. It is an air-dried real organic Mongolian herder dogs’ food to your hounds.


We are introducing Herders Choice Chews.

They are all-natural range of chews made with parts from free range Sheep, Goats and Cows soft and hard chews suitable for the most types and ages of dogs. Providing natural source of vitamins and minerals, calcium, and long lasting chewing action to keep teeth healthy, reducing hair loss and soothing anxiety.  As with any and all dog chews, please supervise your pets while they enjoy their new chews.

Herders Choice Chews - Dried Goat Horn Bulk Pack 5-6pc (山羊角"小至中型" 500gm)

  • 磨牙,解悶首算!解決年幼犬隻因牙痕而破壞家居問題!


    Your very energetic active dog is chewing everything and leaving teeth mark? 
    Boredom is main reason.
    Goat horn solves this problem. it is most natural toy for dogs.


    100% 無污染草原放牧山羊

    每支長度大約 12-20cm ( 5-6pcs )

    SIZE AROUND 12-20cm ( 5-6pcs )

    - Goat Horn is single ingredient, minimally processed and air-dried natural treats.
    - Any chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics or hormones of any kind are not used in our treats and chews.
    - Cut and braised, cured and dried long lasting hard chews are made from Free-Range and grass-fed goats. It provides keratin to dogs that keep their teethe in good health. 
    - Cut and uncut 3 sizes are chews available.